Well hello there and thanks for dropping by

For those of you that haven’t found me via my business website Socially Sam, Online Marketing and Social Media Blog and Consultant let me introduce myself. I’m Samantha (Sam) Martin, more commonly known online as Socially Sam. I’m a 40 (ish) year old single parent, just the one teenage daughter, business owner of Socially Famous PR, social media know it all, marketing creative, tech geek, self-confessed cake addict and generally an all round opinionated gobshite.


For the record, I love Disney! Especially the place. If I could live in Walt Disney World, then I would. But instead, for now, I make do with Lancashire.

The Story So Far……….

I used to be a Mummy blogger until my daughter got old enough to read what I’d put online about her.


Once upon a time, I used to have a “proper” job in the corporate accounting world. But I didn’t like it. It just took me 15 years to figure that out. I worked in marketing and PR before that. I’ve no idea why I thought it was a good idea to switch to accounting.


I once had a husband. But I didn’t like that either.


I’ve had lots of little business interests over the years but finally started a “proper” business in February 2014. It’s been doing rather well ever since. No more having a “real job”. Well for now.


I’ve had a lot of very bad boyfriends. So much so I could probably write a novel about each and every one of them.


I write business blogs when I can be bothered.


I drop f-bombs like commas and don’t make any apologies for it.


That pretty much covers the story so far………

I decided I wanted to go back to personal/lifestyle blogging a while, but I just didn’t get around to the part of sitting down and writing (mainly due to writing a lot of stuff for other people and getting paid for it). I always have an opinion on stuff and I’m quite happy to share it. Whether you want to hear it or not! I also get up to stuff a lot and generally have a tale to tell. Sometimes it’s interesting and sometimes it’s just funny because I’ve managed to say or do something wholly inappropriate. So I guess that makes good reading for you.

But most of all I wanted to share my story of fighting back against anxiety and taking leaps of faith to overcome it. I know and read and see so many people that have their lives ravaged by crippling anxiety attacks. Very few people truly understand what it’s like to be in your mind when that happens. It’s horrible and scary and lonely.

But it can be overcome or at least controlled. And that’s what I’m currently working on. I wanted to share my experiences and how I feel some days when my anxiety levels are through the roof. When I have to be a big girl, suck it up and get shit done rather than pulling the duvet over my head.

I also wanted to expand slightly on some of the stuff I cover on my business blog. I’ve found that a lot of people that follow me are in the process of either starting up a new business or want to set up a side hustle business to either make some extra cash or move on to get out of their day job. Sometimes covering subjects that would fit into those categories doesn’t always fit with my business blog as that’s mainly social media marketing based. But I hope I have enough knowledge, skills and experience to make it worthwhile sharing with you.


And if not I just hope I can keep you entertained along the way.

You can do anything, but you can't do everything!

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